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During the first season in July – August 2022 we intended to take a closer look at the archaeological potential for our research questions in the areas "clean" from modern disturbances, and in areas where the archaeological strata were damaged by the late constructions.

The excavations were conducted in three areas in the lower city, located on the eastern bank of the wadi. The remains of residential and ecclesiastic complexes were explored, dated to various stages of Byzantine and Early Islamic periods, rich with ceramic finds, coins, botanic remains and organic fragments. One of the areas was dedicated to Ottoman layer, which so far has not been reflected in the excavation findings from the site.

The 2022 season was defined as archaeological practicum for the students and graduates of the Ben-Gurion University, who participated in the work as diggers and members of professional team. We also enjoy the help of colleagues and volunteers of all ages.

2022 Summer Season

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